About Us

About Us

In this modern life, creativity and innovation are two crucial elements in all successful companies. in the field of production , considering today’s modern lifestyle and different tastes of consumers , Artizan Company is putting together beauty and perfection and offers a unique range of products to the market. Innovation in the marriage of quality and design has made Artizan into a professional brand. We offer two main Categories of dinnerware and decorative tableware. Each category has a wide range of colors and styles with magnificent design and variety in different types of materials such as porcelain, ceramic, stainless steel and wood. Because of this variety restaurant and café owners turn out to be our main costumers , additionally those individuals interested in stylish and professional preparation and serving of food, can benefit from the unique products on offer , utilizing advanced management methods of experience with a professional team , we strive to improve the quality and style of life. Our main priority is to create a pleasant shopping experience through professional consultation and advise while offering the optimal quality/price mix.

Primary objectives

  1. Continues improvement in quality and increase of products life cycle, based on the need of consumers and up to date technologies.
  2. Agility in supply and distribution of Artizan accompanied with enhanced CRM methods in order to increase customer satisfaction.
  3. Design and manufacture of unique and innovative products in wide range of usage and price for all restaurants and cafes and homes.


In the field of table and kitchenware for restaurants and cafes and home users, we adhere to fair trade practices which will solidify our position in the market. Our vision is to educate and consult and assess food service venues in order to elevate quality and service level throughout the country.

Core values

Commitment: We are committed to our primary goals, products, customers and employees.

Innovation: Our main premise is creativity and innovation in the supply of various designs and colors of products.

Variety: Artizan values the diversity in the demands of the market.

Agility: We deliver our orders in the shortest time possible.

Honesty: We believe in fairness, transparency and ethics in all aspects of our business.

Accessibility: Artizan website provides easy access and a user-friendly experience for all customers.